Keeping calm and focused during challenging poses help us deal with stress more effectively.

Increases circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the brain and extremities for more energy.

Detoxifies physically and emotionally through sweating, deep breathing and opening areas of tension.

Increases strength, stamina, balance and flexibility in both mind and body.

A great complement to athletes, reducing muscle strain and repetitive stress injury.

Improves posture and body language through alignment-focused movement.

Better concentration and mental clarity through observation of thought, focus on breath, gazing points for balance and direction.

Develops internal awareness by feeling into spaces of the body and practising mindfulness.


Embrace the present moment through breathing exercises that bring energy to awaken, energize and calm. Train your mind to induce a mode of consciousness to reach inner peace. 

Gentle flow

Moderate paced flowing movements to strengthen the nervous system. Perfect for developing bodily awareness. Combination of Hatha and Vinyasa styles.


Slower pace, pose-by-pose. Focuses on classic postures and correct alignment in the body. Hatha means sun-moon, bringing balance to mind and body by exploring dualities.


Faster paced aerobic flow-based movement, linking postures together. Revitalizes the body by increasing circulation to the organs, promoting deep and even breathing.


Stretching and mindful breathing for children. Fun-filled session of storytelling and values.

Restorative & Yin

Calms the nervous system through relaxation breathwork. Great complement to the usual yang styles of yoga. Focuses on the myofascia and connective tissues. Deeply meditative.