Private Yoga Classes / 60 min

Private 1 to 1, couples, corporate, family, elderly and kids yoga has a whole host of benefits targeting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, with the goal of connecting to one's soul. A session includes pranayama (breathwork) and yoga nidra (relaxation) with a focus on asanas (postures). Please discuss your goals for the session and if you have any injuries, previous or current. Design your experience; it is yours to keep.

Reflexology Healing Massage / 20 or 45 min

Traditional Chinese reflexology is based on accupressure points of the feet that correlate with organs in our body. You will finish feeling more grounded and understanding where in your body needs some help. Improve circulation and banish sore feet with a basic relaxation that leaves you with a calm mind and a smile

+ A longer treatment allows us to enter the systems and organs of the body through specific pressure points. It may not be the most relaxing but it will definitely be worth it!

Intuitive Guidance with the Oracle & Tarot/ 20 or 45 min

Need some clarity and guidance on where you're at and how you're going to navigate your future? An intuitive reading will shed some light on what will play out in your career, relationships, health and more. You can create a strategic plan to support yourself on your soul's journey.  

+ A longer session would allow for deeper discussion and future details into each tarot's symbolism, with a month-by-month roadmap.

Usui Reiki Healing / 45 or 75 min

Get to know yourself better and balance the energetic body with the gentle non-invasive touch of this Japanese hands on healing modality. Ancient symbols and mantras with Chakra balancing are the basic systems this healing will activate.

+ A more comprehensive treatment would include the Master symbol and a choice or combination of Breaking soul agreements, Past life regression, Psychic surgery and Crystal grid meditation

Shamanic Journeying, Divination & Healing / 60 min

Connect to other heavenly and paradise dimensions to retrieve your power animals, meet your spirit guides, receive guidance and healings through the classic shaman's journey into the upper and lower worlds. Through guided intuitive meditation into a theta brainwave, connect to the true reality of our universe and nature.

Akashic Records Reading & Healing / 75 mins

Be led into the multi-dimensional soul level where you seek the answers of your parallel, past and future lives to understand your habits, tendencies and challenges. Regress into your inner child to break contracts with subconscious beliefs. The session can be done with the client or remotely with active or passive style. 

NLP & Motivational Coaching / 45 min

Guidance on changing negative thoughts and behavioural cycles can help us function more effectively with day-to-day stressors and relationships. Deal with challenging situations in a more empowered way by being equipped with attitudes and tools specific to your needs.

Vibrational Therapy

-Sound Healing with Tibetan singing bowls / 45 min

Balance and heal your chakras with beautiful vibrations.  Various sizes of bowls are placed and played in a steady rhythm throughout your body. Enter a deep state of relaxation as you allow your body and mind to absorb the vibrations it needs.

-Consciousness Kinesiology /  45 min

Based on muscle testing and traditional Chinese meridian theory, we will identify organs which need attention with the help of neurovascular points, meridian flooding, acupressure tapping and prescribing affirmations. Be amazed by how your body responds. Receive practical tips specific to you to help energize underactive meridians.


Coming soon!

Healing with Raw food

-Health & nutrition coaching / 60 min

Receive advice, knowledge and recipes for a positively-motivated raw lifestyle. We will examine your Ayurvedic dosha, personality, blood group and raise concerns about body image issues if they are of concern. Feel lighter, stronger in body and clearer in mind! I combine my experience of being at odds with food, a Pancha Karma detox retreat and my annual juice cleansing rituals to craft a plan unique to your body and lifestyle. Setting intentions are equally important too!

-Raw Food Workshop / 120 min

Pick from a curated range of recipes and have a blast at creating your own versions of delectable gastronomic delights. Made simple and clean with step-by-step instructions and me as a guide by your side.