“I have fallen in love with Mermaid’s Marmalade all-natural edible body scrubs!

I have never been a religious scrubber.. surprisingly I have added these scrubs into my daily shower regime!! The coconut sugar is nourishing and moistuirising while pink himalayan salt is refreshing and detoxifying.

I am especially in love with Sweet Surrender, the coconut sugar and cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is therapeutic for my dry, sometimes flaky skin. I use it on my face too, and it smells sooo good (like gula melaka dessert o_o).

Proud of you Lishan! The products are amazing and keep up the good work! p/s give me discount for my next order k? Hehe ^^”

-Gaiana Lim

“It tasted wonderful!!! Felt much healthier using your relish compared to condensed milk as sweetener”

-Melanie Lim


“Highly recommend this Healing, she has amazing energy. love”

-Devi Ma


"Lishan's yoga is very free-flowing and playful. I've never felt so engaged in a yoga class in all my years of practice."

-Mike DeCrescente



"I truly enjoyed my yoga session with Lishan tonight. For someone who has not done much stretching in a long while, I was slightly nervous to begin with, but Lishan made the session relaxing, fun and easy to follow, and my nervousness quickly dissipated. For a first lesson, I felt that her pacing was great - I felt the workout and I knew my body was being pushed, yet I didn't feel like I overstrained myself. We touched on basics like breathing techniques, sun salutations and other yoga movements and it was a thoroughly enjoyable hour that seemed to fly past! With her professionalism and positive nature, I would highly recommend everyone to give Lishan's yoga lessons a try! A solo lesson, a couple session or with a group of friends, it's great fun!"

-Jace Tay

"Thanks Lim Lishan for the really fun and informative yoga session!! I felt a lot more relaxed and stretched out after AND your home made scrub is amazing!!!"

-Desiree Lim

“Hey, Lishan! Just wanted to thank you so much for ur yoga session on Sunday! I exerted myself hard, and it gave me a mild soreness at places where I rarely felt, yet I am spared from the awkward tightness that impairs my physical ability while recovering. The yoga session we had made me feel so good. The constant reminder to relax was very helpful, something I believe to have benefited me a lot. Really appreciate ur guidance! And look forward to seeing u again!”

“Hey, Lishan! I have to tell u that the changes I see in my body is nothing less than amazing. I was told by my tcm sensei who I seasonally go to for acupuncture sessions that my body condition improved a lot. That was right after the yoga session with you! Prior to that, I was either working out almost everyday for the entire week, or exerted myself with dance practice, which usually should have caused me to aggravate my imbalances quite badly. I am able to exert myself more often and recover much faster now, and able to fall asleep more easily with the peaceful state I learnt to embrace. Ur guidance also helped me to understand the connections and similarities between different exercises and poses. This allowed me to be more mindful of my form and know what to look out for when I am going through my own daily stretching routine. Also, thank you so much for not just being an awesome yoga instructor, for helping me overcome the chronic pain and tightness even further that’s been plaguing me for years, which I have been trying so hard to undo, and for being a great friend!”

“For my improvement, my quest towards correcting my posture as well as ur yoga sessions seem to be paying off!!”

“And also, thank u for pointing out my hips imbalances, and the grounding of feet, its been a great help, been experiencing much less pain since then”

-Chia Bing Xi

"My first yoga lesson in my life turns out to be a happy and learning experience. The instructress Lishan started us off slowly and gradually got us to perform many poses which I discovered make me realize the benefits of yoga. I became aware of my present fitness and flexibility. I also became aware of how patient and capable Lishan is, watching us and guiding us and gently pushing us to go the extra inch. 

She is certainly a qualified yoga teacher. I can go on about her... Thank you for the wonderful yoga lesson."

-Yan How

"She was very patient with my husband and I who do not practice yoga. Her soothing voice and clear directions helped us to overcome difficulties with the challenging poses. I would certainly continue my yoga experience with her."

-Sophen Liang


“Beautiful initiative from a beautiful soul! Glad to have had teacher’s training with you, Lishan…Your growing flexibility — physical and mental — got me to grow more too.”

-Angela Ognev

“Lishan was very gentle with her teaching and adjustments when we were in our teacher training together. She tried to understand the different bodies to see what works best for them!”

-Sarah Heah

Lishan is a free spirit. During our teacher training last year, she stood out to me as she finds her own inner peace and balance. She is happy to share ideas on yoga poses and meditation. And her backbends are beautiful!”

-Anita Sebastian


“I can describe you the best as follow: passionate Yoga teacher that will make any session as original, variate, adapted to the real level of the students. And always with this big good banana smile that will bring you the good vibe for the rest of the day.”

-Jean-Pol Francois

“A very passionate yoga teacher, serious but always with a big big smile. always ready to explain and to make you understand the purpose of the asanas. And a great freediver !!! we miss your smile and your vision of yoga !! Hope to have the honour to yoga with you again…”

-Gil Bianco

“After a week of yoga in moaboal while we were freediving together, it became obvious lishan was very passionate about yoga but also the most smiley and happy person I have met so far. The sessions were fun and everyone was having a great time”

-Sam Barnes

“I had a couple of Yoga experiences, but so far my experience with you Lishan still the best, simply because you do it with a lot of passion and love and a little touch of humor… Please come to Siargao and lets do some Yoga an Freediving, i miss your warming smile… see you very soon”

-Nicolas Foubert

“It’s was a very nice yoga experience with a beautiful smiley instructor we did a course every day during one week in Moalboal before freediving sessions…
Keep going you do a good job
Hope to see you in the blue Miss J-Lo”

-Mathieu Maraio


“Had a great and efficient yoga session with my dear cousin today  thanks for cuztomizing it based on my needs as well as for having lunch tgt tod…
Let me know if you would like to book a session with her!! Half of the proceeds will go to an orphanage the Philippines”

-Amelia Lin

“Thank you for the yoga lesson! It was very helpful and totally suitable for a complete noob like myself. You really got me to stretch out and relax. 10/10 would go again.”

-Roger Chang

“Ah, where do I start with this lovely lady! I’ve had a few sessions with Lishan so far, and they have been great. She incorporates the perfect balance of stillness and calmness in her classes, with the intensity of a vinyasa flow yoga class. I always come out of the class feeling so much more opened and renewed, and ready to tackle the day.

I also appreciate how she paces the class, it’s not too slow, and not too fast, and I always get a good sweat on. She is sure to warm us up in the beginning of class and cool us down as well.

Adding to that, I feel comfortable talking to her about pretty much anything. She listens and helps me analyze/ clarify and improve different areas of my life without imparting any judgement. I love that she’s open-minded, positive and perceptive.

I also love how flexible she is about sessions. You can sign up for a one time session, or weekly sessions, or sporadic sessions. The best thing that I love is Lishan organizes small/ private groups and even there’s only one or two students, she still keeps it running. Some coaches require that you commit to a package of multiple sessions, which can get really expensive. And even though I signed up for a 1 hour session, I appreciated how Lishan would let the session end organically even if it went over an hour and never made me feel rushed or cut off. I couldn’t recommend any other yoga instructors rather than Lishan and would highly recommend Lishan’s class to all vinyasa yoga lovers out there. Last but not least, part of the class fees will go to charity. Can’t wait to see you in the upcoming sessions.”

-Truc Huynh

“Had loads of fun during her yoga session. It was my first time but I learnt alot during that one session, and it inspired me to keep doing yoga. Highly recommended regardless of whether you are a first-timer or an expert as she takes note of your current yoga level and adjusts accordingly. Keep it up! ^v^”

-Woon Yong Xin

” I’m really kinda inflexible so I never would have thought of trying yoga, ever. But Lishan really proved me wrong. She was really good in providing a lesson that was manageable and well-paced for people who are as stiff as me. Thank you so much!”

-Cui Fen

“Thank you bb for the lovely yoga session! Despite being a newbie, I could follow your instructions easily. I felt like I was in a meditative state- completely at ease during and after the session. It was amazing!”

-Gaiana Lim

"My dance instructor used to teach a little yoga to us while we did our warm ups and cool downs, but actually trying out a yoga class is my first. Lishan made sure that we experienced the process of getting into each yoga position, every breath and every muscle was gently adjusted to a pose that I would usually think I will never suceed getting into. It was a very enriching and fulfilling lesson where I definitely discovered more about my own body and soul. Thanks Lishan!"

-Peak Deng

"Hey Lishan, 

Realised that my oblique areas are sore from Sunday night to today, but a mild soreness, no awkward tightness, and it does not impair my ability to do other things, nor stop me from exerting myself physically. In fact, it feels good. Thanks so much for your guidance and the reminder to relax, appreciate that!"

-Bing Xi


“Thanks for a great yoga session, your suggestions have helped with my shoulder mobility and I’ve made some great improvement. I really enjoyed our session. Good luck with your blog and future. We’ll see you in singapore sometime soon.”

-Christopher Skeehan

"Having my first yoga classes in Siargao with you was a wonderful experience. You are adapting perfecly your lessons to your students and know how to instore a very peacefull atmosphere. I definitely recommend it! Thank’s a lot, see you soon.”

-Alexis Girardin

"Amazing Yoga classes with you in Siargao(Philippines). 1 hour and half of dynamic, deep and enlightening experience. Grazie Lishan!!!Me and Joana we both hope to meet you again



“Thanks so much Lishan Lim for being a patient and encouraging instructor! The yoga hen party session was interesting and zen at the same time, making it fun and all of us had a great time bonding! We definitely recommend Lishan for anyone looking for a dedicated, attentive & warmhearted yoga instructor.”

-Qian Ling Esther Wong


“I will definitely join you for yoga again! Last time, yoga session at the botanic gardens was awesome.”

-Mina Park


"Thank you so much Lishan for such a wonderful beach yoga experience in Bali!!! I had a great time with you, you are so positive and inspirational and were such a great teacher. Thanks for the good vibes and the fantastic photos - I look forward to more yoga sessions with you again in the future!!! :) xxx"

-Justine Shotton


“Her backbends are amazing!”

-Anastasia Gurova

“Lishan is like liquid sunshine, her light pours over you, warming your heart and bringing a smile to your face. Delight guaranteed!”

-Lisa Berkovitz

“Lishan is a bright spark of enthusiastic warm energy…you won’t regret spending yogatime with her!”

-Kirsty Healey

“Lishan has a beautiful, warm & caring energy about her. just to be near her is to feel better”

-Lisa Bowen

“Her backbends and her spirit are truly divine”

-Yoyo Golightly

“I love what you’re doing!! I knew your heart was gold the minute I met you on Bali I feel so lucky I got to be your dive buddy on my travels, your vibe can be felt 30metres deep as something tranquil, funny, happy and absolutely giving! Can’t even imagine what a lovely yoga teacher you must be… hope to try that with you someday too! Good luck to you Lil’ Bit!”

-Paapi Koivisto